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Solid Aluminum Round Bar Rod

Available Size:
Diameter:3mm-800mm Length:1m-12m or as required.
1060,1200,1100,2024,2124,3003,3004,5050,5083, 5154,5454,5652,5086,5056,5754,6061,6062,6063,7075,etc.
30% T/T deposit,70% T/T or 70% L/C at sight balance

Product Details

According to the different metal elements contained in aluminum rods, aluminum rods can be roughly divided into 8 categories, that is, they can be divided into 9 series:

1. The 1000 series aluminum rods represent the 1050, 1060, and 1100 series. In all series, the 1000 series belongs to the series with the most aluminum content. The purity can reach more than 99.00%. Because it does not contain other technical elements, the production process is relatively simple and the price is relatively cheap. It is currently the most commonly used series in conventional industries. Most of the products circulating in the market are 1050 and 1060 series. The 1000 series aluminum rods determine the minimum aluminum content of this series according to the last two Arabic numerals. For example, the last two Arabic numerals of the 1050 series are 50. According to the international brand naming principle, the aluminum content must reach 99.5% or more to be a qualified product. my country's aluminum alloy technical standard (gB/T3880-2006) also clearly stipulates that the aluminum content of 1050 reaches 99.5%. Similarly, the aluminum content of 1060 series aluminum rods must reach 99.6% or more.

2. 2000 series aluminum rods represent 2A16 (LY16) and 2A02 (LY6). The 2000 series aluminum rods are characterized by high hardness, with the highest content of copper, which is about 3-5%. The 2000 series aluminum rods belong to aviation aluminum materials, which are not often used in conventional industries.

2024 is a typical hard aluminum alloy in the aluminum-copper-magnesium series. It is a heat-treatable alloy with high strength, easy processing, easy turning, and general corrosion resistance.

After 2024 aluminum rods are heat treated (T3, T4, T351), the mechanical properties are significantly improved. Its T3 state parameters are as follows: tensile strength 470MPa, 0.2% yield strength 325MPa, elongation: 10%, fatigue strength 105MPa, hardness 120HB.

The main uses of 2024 aluminum rods: aircraft structure, rivets, truck wheel hubs, propeller components and other various structural parts

3. 3000 series aluminum rods mainly represent 3003 and 3A21. The production technology of 3000 series aluminum rods in my country is relatively excellent. 3000 series aluminum rods are made of manganese as the main component. The content is between 1.0-1.5, which is a series with better anti-rust function.

4. 4000 series aluminum rods The representative is 4A01 4000 series aluminum rods belong to the series with higher silicon content. Usually the silicon content is between 4.5-6.0%. It belongs to construction materials, mechanical parts, forging materials, welding materials; low melting point, good corrosion resistance, product description: heat-resistant and wear-resistant

5. The 5000 series aluminum rods represent the 5052, 5005, 5083, and 5A05 series. The 5000 series aluminum rods belong to the more commonly used alloy aluminum rod series, the main element is magnesium, and the magnesium content is between 3-5%. It can also be called aluminum-magnesium alloy. The main features are low density, high tensile strength and high elongation. In the same area, the weight of aluminum-magnesium alloy is lower than that of other series, and it is also widely used in conventional industries. In my country, the 5000 series aluminum rod is one of the more mature aluminum rod series.

6. 6000 series aluminum rods represent 6061 and 6063 mainly containing magnesium and silicon. Therefore, the advantages of 4000 series and 5000 series are concentrated. 6061 is a cold-treated aluminum forging product, suitable for applications with high requirements for corrosion resistance and oxidation. . Good workability, easy coating and good processability.

7. 7000 series aluminum rods represent 7075 and mainly contain zinc. It also belongs to the aerospace series. It is an aluminum-magnesium-zinc-copper alloy, a heat-treatable alloy, and a super-hard aluminum alloy with good wear resistance. Basically relying on imports, my country's production technology needs to be improved.

8. 8000 series aluminum rods The more commonly used 8011 belongs to other series, and most of the applications are aluminum foil, which is not commonly used in the production of aluminum rods.


Product Parameter

Product Name
high quality aluminum hex bar/aluminum round bar

1000 Series:1050,1060,1100,1200,A1100BE,A1100BD,A1100W
3000 Series:3003,3004 A3003BE,A3003BBD,A3003W,
5000 Series:5052,5454,5083,5086,5056,5A05,5456 052BE,A5052BD,A5052W,A5056BD,A5056W,A5056BE
6000 Series:6061,6061(LD30),6A02,6063AB,6101 061BE,A6061BD,A6061W,A6063BE,A6063BD,A6063W
7000 Series:7075,7003,7005
Extrusion/cold drawn
Round , square, hexagonal, etc
OD: 5mm-650mm ; Length: 1m-6m
O , F, H112, T6, T4, T5
Surface Treatment
Anodized , Powder coating , Electro-coating, Transfer paper printing , PVDF
Mill finish, Polishing, Brushed
Aluminum has a special chemical, physical characteristics, not only light weight, firm texture, but also has good ductility,
electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, heat resistance and radiation resistance.
Aluminum is widely used in various industries , such as: cars,ships,aerospace,aviation,electronics,agriculture,electronic,home
Standard export packing,Plastic bag or waterproof paper,Wooden case (custom suffocating free)Pallet


1. Aluminum rods are widely used in decoration, packaging, construction, transportation, electronics, aviation, aerospace, weapons and other industries.

2. Aluminum rods for transportation are used as materials for the body structure of automobiles, subway vehicles, railway passenger cars, high-speed passenger cars, car doors and windows, shelves, automobile engine parts, air conditioners, radiators, body panels, hubs and naval materials .

3. Aluminum materials for printing are mainly used to make various PS plates. Aluminum-based PS plates are a new type of material in the printing industry for automated plate making and printing.

4. Aluminum for architectural decoration. Aluminum alloy is widely used in building frames, doors and windows, suspended ceilings, decorative surfaces, etc. because of its good corrosion resistance, sufficient strength, excellent process performance and welding performance. Such as various architectural doors and windows, aluminum profiles for curtain walls, aluminum curtain wall panels, profiled panels, checkered panels, color coated aluminum panels, etc.

Our after-sale Service

Our Product Services

Cut large coils into small coils or Strip.
For steel coils, we can cut one large steel coil into small steel coils for loading at seaport; because for container shipping, each container usually loads weight can not be over 26 tons, but each large coil is usually about 28 tons, so one large coils has to be cut into small coils, and because the forklift usually takes 7-10 tons at seaport, so for easy loading into conatiner, each large steel coil usually is cut into 3 small coils. For bulk vessel shipping, it usually demands coils weight under 18 tons, so most times, also need cut one large coil into 2 small coils.
Open flat coils into steel plate.
For final application, need open flat the coils and cut the coils into steel plate, so we open flat the coils and cut the coils to steel plate to the sizes as required. For saving cost for loading by container, load into 20 feet containers, so cut the length under 5800mm, usually as required to cut to length 2440mm and 5800mm, width usually be 1220mm and 1500mm.after cutting the steel coils into steel plate, we can do black paints on the surface of the plate to make the plate to be anti-rust.

Packaging & Shipping

Common Package: 
Waterproof Kraft Paper + Wooden Pallet (each 3 tons) + Bundle with steel strip.

Or Package can also according to your requirements.

The time of delivery:
Within 7-10 days after receipt of advance payment