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Stainless steel I beam

Available Size:
Thickness: 2-30mm, Width and length: as customer's requirment
30% T/T deposit,70% T/T or 70% L/C at sight balance

Product Details

Stainless steel I beam 

According to the different smelting quality of steel, section steel is divided into ordinary section steel and high-quality section steel. Ordinary section steel is divided into large section steel, medium section steel and small section steel according to the current metal product catalog. Ordinary steel can be divided into I-beam, channel steel, angle steel, round steel, etc. according to its cross-sectional shape.

Large section steel: I-beam, channel steel, angle steel, and flat steel in large section steel are all hot-rolled. In addition to hot-rolled round steel, square steel, and hexagonal steel, there are also forging and cold-drawn.

I-beam, channel steel, and angle steel are widely used in industrial buildings and metal structures, such as factory buildings, bridges, ships, agricultural machinery and vehicle manufacturing, power transmission towers, and transportation machinery. Flat steel is used in construction sites as bridges, house trusses, fences, power transmission ships, vehicles, etc. Round steel and square steel are used as various mechanical parts, agricultural machinery parts, tools, etc.

Medium section steel: medium section steel, groove, corner, round, flat steel, similar to large section steel.

Small section steel: small section steel has medium angle, round, square, flat steel, processing and use are similar to large section steel, small diameter round steel is often used as building reinforcement

Product Parameter

Grade Group:201.202.301.302.304.304L.310S.316.316L.430.410.440.ect
Flange Width


Flange Thickness


Web Width


Web Thickness


Suface Treatment

Black Painted / Oiled /Galvanized




widely used inmechanical manufacture,construction field,farm vehicles,agriculture greenhouse,automotive industry,railway,decoration,steel structure,etc


Payment Terms

T/T(30% as deposit) or L/C

Price Terms



The I-beam steel structure is scientific and reasonable, with good plasticity and flexibility, and high structural stability. It is suitable for building structures that withstand large vibration and impact loads, and has strong resistance to natural disasters. It is especially suitable for some building structures with frequent earthquake occurrence zones. Steel structure buildings dominated by I-shaped steel suffer the least damage, can significantly save labor and materials, reduce the consumption of raw materials, energy and labor, have low residual stress, and have good appearance and surface quality.

I-beam steel is convenient for machining, structural connection and installation, and it is also easy to dismantle and reuse

I-beam steel is convenient for mechanical manufacturing, intensive production, high precision, convenient installation, and easy quality assurance. It can be built into a real house manufacturing factory, bridge manufacturing factory, industrial plant manufacturing factory, etc. Widely used in various building structures and engineering structures, such as building beams, bridges, power transmission towers, lifting and transporting machinery, ships, industrial furnaces, reaction towers, container racks and warehouse shelves, etc.

Our after-sale Service

Our Product Services

Cut large coils into small coils or Strip.
For steel coils, we can cut one large steel coil into small steel coils for loading at seaport; because for container shipping, each container usually loads weight can not be over 26 tons, but each large coil is usually about 28 tons, so one large coils has to be cut into small coils, and because the forklift usually takes 7-10 tons at seaport, so for easy loading into conatiner, each large steel coil usually is cut into 3 small coils. For bulk vessel shipping, it usually demands coils weight under 18 tons, so most times, also need cut one large coil into 2 small coils.
Open flat coils into steel plate.
For final application, need open flat the coils and cut the coils into steel plate, so we open flat the coils and cut the coils to steel plate to the sizes as required. For saving cost for loading by container, load into 20 feet containers, so cut the length under 5800mm, usually as required to cut to length 2440mm and 5800mm, width usually be 1220mm and 1500mm.after cutting the steel coils into steel plate, we can do black paints on the surface of the plate to make the plate to be anti-rust.

Packaging & Shipping

Common Package: 
Waterproof Kraft Paper + Wooden Pallet (each 3 tons) + Bundle with steel strip.

Or Package can also according to your requirements.

The time of delivery:
Within 7-10 days after receipt of advance payment